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Consistency Determination Apparatus Code: MTI – P121
Consistency Determination Apparatus is used for quick determination of pulp / stock consistency. It is manufactured in accordance with the second report of the pulp evaluation committee to Technical Section of British Paper & Board Industry Federation.
Option: - Vacuum Pump, Rapid Sheet Dryer for shortening the drying time & couch place.
Quadrant Scale (G.S.M) Code: MTI – P116
Quadrant Scale is used to measure the basic weight (G.S.M) of paper and other sheet materials by weighing a small test sample with given dimension. Scales are calibrated to precision dead weights. This accuracy is maintained as long as the pendulum returns its original form and is kept free from corrosion, distortion, or other causes, which may affect its weight and balance various models are available i.e. 0-125, 0-250, 0-500, 0-1000 G.S.M with template size 10x10 cm2, 20x25 cm2, 40x25 cm2, 40x40 cm2, effective weight 0-80 gms and 0-160 gms.
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