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Sheet Former (K.L.C.)
Stiffness Tester
Strip Cutters
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Our Products
Sheet Former (KLC) Code: MTI – P113
Sheet Former is used for production of laboratory sheets for physical test. The design of the drainage system provides a uniform flow across the entire wire, thus permitting an exceptionally uniform sheets used for production of circular sheets, complete with accessories, sheet size – 165 mm, Dia – 214 cm2, trimmed size – 200 cm2, standard stirrer, couch roller, drying plate & drying rings.
Stiffness Tester Code: MTI – P118
Electronic Stiffness Tester with digital display and memory system.
(I) Taber Type Stiffness tester.
Strip Cutters Code: MTI – P119
Strip Cutter is used for accurate and rapid preparation of test pieces. Precision Sample Cutter – providing with an automatic clamping device, which by means of clamping beam, holds the sheet material firmly prior to the cutting action, provision to cut the strip sample for tensile test.
  • Cutting Size – 210 x 300 mm
  • Cutting width - 15 x 300 mm
1. Providing with adjustable scaling arrangement to cut multi size strips
2. Sample Cutter for edge crush test sample size width 25-50 mm.
3. For Preparation of test pieces towards stiffness test cut size – 1.5 x 2.75 Inch
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